“I am a sports medicine podiatrist in Charleston and have been in practice for 12 years. I trained for a marathon 8 years ago and had an introduction to the body's ability to adapt and strengthen with correct training. I have used this knowledge as a guideline to treating my running and athletic patients for many years. This philosophy was working very well for most of my patients, but there were still a small percentage that were not improving as they wanted to continue to be active and train. I started to identify lack of mobility somewhere along the lower extremity chain that continued to lead to overloads or overuse injuries in these individuals. Through my own visits to Dr. Bassett for my chronic shoulder pain and lower back discomfort I realized that I had found a specialist who fully understood the connection of one part of the body to another. Over the past 3 years I have sent many of my hard to treat patients to Dr. Bassett to have their lower extremity and lower back joints evaluated for restriction of movement that may be contributing to their overload injuries. The results speak for themselves. Working with Dr. Bassett has allowed me to get many of my runners and athletic patients back on the road and/or court much quicker than ever before. The injuries tend to not return because Dr. Bassett is identifying the root cause of the problem. My patients also speak very highly of his professionalism and knowledge. I place my full trust and my patients' trust in the hands of Dr. Bassett to help them get back to being active.”

- Dr. Adam C. Brown, DPM

“I am so thrilled to have had a friend refer me to to Dr. Bassett. Following my pregnancy with twins, I suffered from a loss of feeling in my fingers, as well as shoulder and back pain. My physician referred me to several specialist who recommended surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome. Unsatisfied with the recommendation, I explored other options and luckily found Dr. Bassett. From my first visit with him, I felt confident he understood my needs and my desire to quickly get back to an active lifestyle. With twins in tow, I followed his recommendations for adjustments several times a week, strength training, and massage therapy. I can't even begin to describe the difference in the way I feel. Prior to seeing Dr. Bassett, I had difficulty with simple things like turning on the kitchen faucet or blow drying my hair, due to the pain in my shoulder. I was also unable to exercise without injury. Thankfully, Dr. Bassett's approach to wellness is comprehensive, and I benefited greatly from his expertise and professionalism. Despite medical evidence suggesting the need for surgery, my symptoms were relieved with the care I received at Harbor View Chiropractic. I refer anyone I know who may benefit from his exceptional care.”

- Dr. Amanda Parrott

“I am a Pathologist who has been practicing Pathology for 16 years. I do not see patients and therefore do not refer patients to Dr. Bassett, but I myself am a patient. I have migraines and lumbar disk issues and Dr. Bassett has been extremely helpful. As an allopathic medicine doctor, I was a little skeptical at first, but my physical therapist/trainer suggested I see Dr. Bassett. Contrary to popular belief in the world of traditional Western medicine, Dr. Bassett is professional and practices evidence-based chiropractic care with confidence and skill. He offers a few nutritional supplements but does not bombard you with products, as some Chiropractors do. I would highly recommend Dr. Bassett to anyone dealing with pain.”

- Dr. Amy J. Kirshtein, M.D.

“I'm a local general dentist who has been practicing for 14 years. My back had started to give me fits about 5 years ago and my hygienist recommended Dr. Bassett. At first, I was skeptical, but I was at the point where I was willing to try anything to get relief. After about 2 -3 months of adjustments with Dr. Bassett, I was actually getting through a couple days at a time without pain. That hadn't been the case for at least two years. Since then I have been seeing him on a regular basis. Through stretching exercises and just a general awareness of my body and posture I continue to be pain free. I have recommended Dr. Bassett to several friends and patients and wouldn't hesitate to do so again. If you were as skeptical as I was, put your doubts aside and give him a try. It could make more of a difference in your life than you realize.”

- Dr. Chris Maffett

“I have long suffered sciatic nerve pain and have not been under chiropractic care for several years; following a friend's recommendation I came to be one of Doc Eric's many devoted patients. It has been a blessing to be under the care of such a knowledgeable, concerned and talented doc.”

- Paulette Thomas, Referring Doctor

“I had neck and back pain since 2001. I had been to and treated by every type of physician you could imagine with no relief. After years of constant pain I began thinking I would be in pain the rest of my life. Then I found Dr. Bassett. Now my back feels better than it has in 6 years. I am so happy to be in the blue sky of my life again!”

- Mr. Darren C., Charleston, SC

“I was a little skeptical about going to a Chiropractor, but I am sure glad I did. I had back and neck pain from a fall, and after only 4 weeks I am pain free! Dr. Bassett and his staff are so sweet, thank you.”

- Mrs. Kitty A., James Island

“I have been dealing with back hip and leg pain almost my whole life. I did not want the surgery that was recommended and was very tired of taking medications that did not seem to touch the pain anymore. All they seemed to was to make me feel funny. I was introduced to Dr. Bassett by another patient and am so glad I was. I felt immediate relief with each treatment. It truly is an amazing experience.”

- Mrs. Patsy H., Johns Island

“My husband, Jason, first came to Harbor View Chiropractic for relief of shoulder and neck pain. He insisted I go visit Dr. Bassett when my body was changing and sore during my pregnancy. Our daughter Julia has been visiting Dr. Bassett since she was born to realign her and also for her chronic reflux. There is obvious improvement in Julia's demeanor. She sleeps well and is happy to be around people. We attribute the turn around to Dr. Bassett's care coupled with the low-dosage medication from her pediatrician. Each family member has achieved positive results from Dr. Bassett's treatments. I would encourage other people who are in pain or discomfort to try out chiropractic care at Dr. Bassett's. Parents of small children should know that chiropractic treatment is a valid option that can benefit and work well with traditional medical treatment, even for issues that seem unlikely, such as reflux. This is our story; and we are happy to celebrate it with others.”

- Anna, Jason, and Julia H. James Island

“Harbor View Chiropractic and Disc Decompression Center has made a huge difference in my life. I have run cross country and track for 10 years of my life and fulfilled my dream of becoming a college athlete. But that came to an end my freshman year when an injury common to runners, known as Iliotibial Band Syndrome forced me to red shirt my season. I had been to at least 5 different doctors, physical therapists, did hours of research and rehab, took months off running, relied on over-the-counter pain relievers, wore a brace, cried many tears, and prayed a lot. My mom suggested I go see Dr. Bassett. HE CHANGED MY LIFE. Thanks to him, I am running, pain free and injury free for the first time in years. I am finally able to set some high goals for myself again and accomplish my dreams. Not only did he help heal my injury, he provided words of encouragement and support.”

- Rindi, Coastal Carolina University Athlete

“I injured my back in August which resulted in three compressed back fractures. After undergoing surgery the doctor suggested I go to therapy, which I did for three months. At the end of that time I was told that there was nothing they could do for me. I was still in pain, so at that time I started going to Dr. Bassett and I was pleased to find out he could remove a lot of pain by adjusting my back. For a while I went three times a week and now I go once a week. I am very thankful for Dr. Bassett and his staff. It is a pleasure to go to him and I highly recommend anyone who is having joint or bone problems go to him for an evaluation. He will tell you if he can help you or not. You will be thankful you did.”

- Martha Ann H.

“I have had low back pain for many years. The water aerobics class I attended 3 times a week at Bishop Gadsden for a year helped me tremendously until recently and that is when I decided to go to Dr. Bassett. He relieved me of the pain immediately. I noticed in a month of treatments that my slacks length are the same on both sides, one leg has always been about 1" shorter than the other. I have curvature of the spine which he hopes to straighten a bit, which, I believe he is making progress in doing so. Dr. Bassett's treatments are simple and without pain. I could not be more pleased with my care. I continue to play golf. I am also trying to regain my proper posture which hurt when I did it correctly. But, now I can stand up with my shoulders back without the pain. This feeling of no pain is a pleasant state to in. I recommend Dr. Bassett for Pain and Wellness care to you.”

- Bea B., Bishop Gadsden

“I have damage and pain in my back and neck from two separate car accidents. Dr. Bassett's office was spectacular in relieving my pain quickly and in a simple and natural way. I tell everyone about Dr. Bassett, his kind staff and how great I feel as a result of his work.”

- Tara Goll, Charleston

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